• I have done business with C & M Coatings Inc. for 18 years and have had zero late or rejected product.
    L.H. in Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • C & M is our first call for small and large production runs of Coated and Covered rollers for the last 30 years.
    J.P. in Muskegon, Michigan

  • I have been working with Rob or Dave for 14 years and have found them to be extremely professional with the highest quality in the USA.
    J.D. in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • We ship product all over South American via C & M Coatings, and they have never let us down.
    H.R. in San Diego, California

  • I have worked directly with David for 31 years and they do 100% of our Coating and Covering of rollers. Looking forward to the next 31 years!
    B.C. in Grand Rapids, Michigan


1730 Airpark Drive; Grand Haven, MI  49417
Phone: 616-842-1925  /  Fax: 616-842-1102
www.coveyor-roller-covers.com, cmcoatings.net, or cmcoatingsinc.com
Dave: dave@cmcoatings.net
Rob: rob@cmcoatings.net
Anita: anita@cmcoatings.net (for office/accounting related issues)


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