About The Company

C & M Coatings, Inc. is located in the West Michigan resort town of Grand Haven on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan; About 25 miles Northeast of Grand Rapids, MI.

We produce Plastisol Coated Conveyor Rollers, Interface Fit Roller Covers, UHMW Conveyor Roller Sleeves, Tapered Roller Covers Foam, and Solid Polyurethane Conveyor Roller Components for the conveyor roller market.

We have over 400 customers in all 50 states, including 50 that are Fortune 500. C & M Coatings Inc. is proud to to announce the opening of our second location in West Michigan. It is 10,000 square feet and will focus on high volume production of Vinyl, Plastisol, UHMW and Polyurethane covered rollers. The total capacity will be 3000-4000 covered rollers per day making C & M Coatings the largest production in North America.  Plant # 1 will focus on the warehousing of raw material and production.


Corporate Staff

  • David Van Portfliet is the President for the last 31 years.

  • Rob Vogelsong is the General Manager/Vice President has been with C & M for 28 years.

  • Suzanne Mihills is the Director of Finance for 25 years.

  • Anita Brock is the Office Manager and has been with the Company for 11 years.