Conveyor Roller Covers & Coatings

Conveyor Roller Coatings & Covers
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Conveyor Roller Coatings & Covers

We Keep the World Rolling by Specializing in:

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C & M Coatings Inc. of Grand Haven, Michigan has been a manufacturer of coating conveyor roller systems and roller covers for over 30 years, while the present owner also has partial ownership of a wiring harness company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We take pride knowing that we have built our reputation on exceptional quality as well as our valued customer service.  We are the largest dip coating company in the United States and meeting the need for unique industry. We are the vendor of choice to many of the largest conveyor companies in the industry. Our tested Dip Coating Process is a very cost-effective way to enhance many conveyor systems and add value to your product line. We also offer conditioned conveyor covers in polyurethane or PVC / vinyl. We welcome an opportunity to add your company to our growing list of satisfied customers.

We Customize Product to Fit Your Needs.

Interface Fit Roller Covers:

  • Transaction for Inclines
  • Food Transfer Lines
  • Drops and Chutes
  • Bumpers and Impact Zones
  • Safety Covers for Stand-offs
  • Antimicrobial

Conveyor Color Options:

  • Safety Orange (standard)
  • Food Grade White
  • Natural Clear
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Custom Sizes Available

C&M Coatings Advantages:

  • High Quality Control
  • Lower Cost Production
  • Best System Noise Reduction Available
  • Wide Range of Color Selection
  • Short Lead Times
  • Long Coating Life of Product
  • High Protection Benefits from Damage
  • Better Control of Product Delivery, Speed & Movement
  • Dual Shells and Complete Rollers with Bearings & Axles
  • Consistent Coating Thickness to Ensure High Quality and Dependability
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Doesn’t Change Load Ratings
  • Anti-Marking Properties
  • Multiple Size Rollers


  • Custom Cut to Length
  • Installation of Roller Covers
  • Custom Colors to Choose From
  • Roller Dip Coating
  • Free Quote Estimates
  • Rush Ordering Available



Superior Quality & Service at an Affordable Price.

Plastisol Coated Conveyor Rollers

Plastisol Coated Conveyor Rollers

Rollers are available with Plastisol coating bonded to steel roller. Plastisol coating is 1/8" thick and offered in green, black, red, and with durometer hardness of 60, 75, and 85 and work with 1.375", 1.900", and 2.500" steel rollers. Coated rollers can dramatically reduce noise levels and are specifically engineered to cushion delicate product surfaces. Coated rollers can significantly reduce scratching and other damage that can be caused by bare steel. Plastisol material is an economical alternative to cast or extruded coatings. For over 25 years C&M Coatings has been offering companies the service and quick turnaround response time that are often necessary.






Vinyl / PVC Roller Covers

Vinyl / PVC Roller Covers

Vinyl / PVC Roller Covers have excellent chemical resistance and are perfect for high corrosive areas. “PVC Roller Covers” are very uniform in thickness and cost effective. These covers have set an industry standard for use with both powered and unpowered roller conveyors.

Vinyl / PVC Conveyor Roller Covers are able to fit most roller sizes.
Standard color: black





UHMW Conveyor Roller Sleeves

UHMW clutch slip sleeves has a superior surface finish allow for accumulation of product on power roller conveyors without damaging or marring conveyed products. In addition, the conveyor system is protected from over taxing the drive components by relieving line pressure at bottlenecks and jams.  These sleeves have set an industry standard for use with both powered and unpowered roller conveyors.

UHMW Conveyor Roller are able to fit most roller sizes.
Standard color: black




Tapered Sleeves For Conveyor Line Corners


Creating yet another material handling solution.

C & M Coatings tapered roller sleeves are great for corners on your conveying system. It will convert a standard straight roller into a tapered conveyor roller. Made out of a polyurethane material, both in a solid for heavier loads and a foam for smaller applications. Great for shock absorption and friction.





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